Basic Mathematical Methods for Engineers I


General Class Information

Our main goal is to introduce the main concepts in linear algebra to engineering students. The course will cover complex numbers, systems of linear equations, their matrix form, the properties of matrices (including rank, inverse, determinant, eigenvalues and orthogonality). Finally, we will introduce the basic ideas of vector spaces (AMS10A students will not cover the last three areas: orthogonality with matrices, eigenvalues and vector spaces). All of these ideas will be taught in a context of applied problems and with frequent use of computational resources. In particular, students will get a gentle introduction to the use of the software MATLAB.



Mon/Wed/Fri, 02:00-03:10pm, Oakes Academy 105


Name: Nic Brummell

Teaching Assistants:

Name: Aya Furutani

Name: Ryan Moll 


  • Section AMS10 01A, JBE 109, Tues, 2:00-4:00pm
  • Section AMS10 01B, JBE 109, Thurs, 2:00-4:00pm
  • Section AMS10 01B, JBE 109,  Fri ,  9:00-11:00am

MSI Sections:

There may be some Modified Supplemental Instruction (MSI) sections to support this class -- more news later


Class Rules and Regulations

A brief summary:

    • Required text: David Lay, 'Linear Algebra and Its Applications', Addison-Wesley
    • Discussion sections are mandatory.
    • There will be a very easy quiz in each discussion section
    • There is one homework per week due on Fri during the lecture on the previous week's material
    • There is one midterm
    • There is one final
    • Grades:
      • AMS10: 10% homework, 10% quizzes, 30% midterm, 50% final
      • AMS10A: 10% homework, 10% quizzes, 80% final (NO midterm)
    • You must get 60% to pass including at least 60% in the final
    • Maximise your chances: read the book, do homework and practice problems, go to section, tutorials, office hours
    • AMS10A: You will stop after 6 weeks (Determinants is your last topic) and 6 homeworks, 6 quizzes etc etc.


Resources you will need all the time:

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