Foundations of Applied Mathematics

AMS 211: Foundations of Applied Mathematics


This class is a one-quarter accelerated course on basic mathematical methods typically used in Applied Mathematics and many physical and engineering sciences.  See the syllabus tab in the menu to the right for the details of the course contents.

The intended audience is graduate students from numerous departments in all physical and engineering Sciences (e.g. Earth & Planetary Sciences, Applied Mathematics & Statistics, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Ocean Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, etc) who wish to solidify their fundamental knowledge of the tools used in Applied Mathematics.

Please note that word in the first sentence of this intro.  This course is an ACCELERATED course.  One of my previous students in the course questionnaire at the end of the quarter wrote "Fantastic course!  But fasten your seat belt, things move fast!".  This is very true.  This course should refresh existing knowledge, take it to another level and establish previously mysterious links between the topics, but does assume that most people are already familiar with at least some of the material at, at least, a superficial level.   So put on your crash helmets on Day 1, and get ready for the adrenalin rush of speed!

Instructors and Assistants