AMS5, Summer 2011, Section 01: Course Grading

Course Grades 

  •  Homeworks: 10%
  •  Quizzes: 30%
  •  Midterm Exam: 25%
  •  Final Exam: 35%



Homeworks will be assigned each week on Fridays and will be collected the following Friday at 11:30 am. In total we will have four homeworks. They will not be formally graded but the accomplishment of the weekly assignment will count for  10% of the final grade (2.5% each homework). This grading will be based on how much work you show in the homework. You should try to make the best effort to work on the assigned problems, since they are the key for a successful course. Homework solutions will be posted shortly after the deadline each week. You can work in groups  to discuss the problems but quizzes will be an individual effort.



We will have two quizzes during this summer session: the first one will be held at week two and the second one will be at week four (See class schedule for details). They will be held on Wednesdays and will be short, closed book and based on the assigned homework problems. You can re-take the first quiz on week three and the second quiz on week five.  Quizzes re-takes are useful if you are not satisfied with your performance on the previous one or  you were not able to take the quiz for other reasons, illness, etc. You should show all the work for a full credit and should bring a calculator. Each quiz will count for 15% of the final grade. Any questions about homeworks and quizzes please send a message to with Subject: AMS 5.



There will be an in-class midterm exam on Friday, 08th of July from 9:00 am to 11:00 am, and an in-class final exam on Friday 22 of July from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. Both exams are closed book, but you may bring one 81/2 in. by 11 in. piece of paper with notes on both sides. You should show all the work for a full credit. Be sure to bring a calculator. We are sorry to say there will not be re-takes of the midterm and final exams.