Statistical Methods for the Biological, Environmental, and Health Sciences

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Instructor's Office Hours: (BE 133)

W 11:30-12:30;  F  10:30-11:30; or by appointment

If you want to send instructor an email, please put "AMS 7" in the title.

Associated Discussion Sections:

01A DIS 20871 M 05:00PM-06:10PM Sai Xiao J Baskin Engr 165          
01B DIS 20872 M 06:30PM-07:40PM Sai Xiao J Baskin Engr 165          
01C DIS 20873 Tu 02:00PM-03:10PM Yalda Edalat Merr 130          
01D DIS 20874 W 08:00AM-09:10AM Samatha Crane J Baskin Engr 372          
01E DIS 20875 Th 08:30AM-09:40AM Yalda Edalat J Baskin Engr 372          
01F DIS 20876 F 03:30PM-04:40PM Samatha Crane J Baskin Engr 372          

Additional TAs' office hours:

Sai Xiao,  Thu 10-11, JBE 358

Yalda Edalat, Mon 4-5, JBE 358

Samantha Crane, Fri 2:30-3:30, JBE 358


Modified Supplemental Instruction

Group study led by Jessica Johnston

Monday       7 - 8:15 @ ARC (Academic Resources Center) Room #221

Monday       12:30 - 1:40 @ ARC (Academic Resources Center) Room #221

Tuesday     12-13:15 @ ARC (Academic Resources Center) Room #202

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