AMS7, Fall 2013, Section 02: Announcements



  • 10/28/2013  MIDTERM EXAM!! The midterm exam will take place in class on Monday November 4th. It will cover the material from  the first 9 lectures (see the Schedule in syllabus for the associated Sections from the book). It is a closed book exam, but you may use one 8.5 by 11 inch piece of paper with notes (not examples!!) and a calculator! You should show all work for full credit!!! Consider the problems in the quizzes as good problems for practicing, along with lectures notes and problems in the book. Don't forget your student ID! Good luck!! 


  • 10/21/2013 Homework Quiz Wednesday Oct. 23rd!! As I have already mentioned at lectures the content for this week's quiz is the material covered in the homework problems assigned in Sections 3.1 - 5.4.  You do NOT need to memorize the Poisson, binomial, normal probability formulas (you will have a table provided to you if one is needed), but you DO need to know the formula(s) to compute the mean and sd of the Poisson and binomial. DON'T FORGET YOUR CALCULATORS!!!!


  • 10/7/2013 Homework Quiz Wednesday Oct. 9th!! Please remember to bring your calculator for the quiz on Wednesday (10/9), no phones will be allowed!! Lab 2 is already up, and covers topics in Chapter 2 using computing software.  If you have time before the quiz, it might be helpful to complete the lab early (or at least look through the questions).  The homework problems are your best practice source, followed by the lecture slides and the problems covered in the discussion sections!


  • 9/27/2013 Monday's discussion section for the first week is cancelled since it would have taken place before the first lecture! Students that are enrolled in Monday's discussion section are asked for the first week to attend one of Thursday's sections.