Statistical Methods for the Biological, Environmental, and Health Sciences

Welcome to AMS7 Autumn 2014!!   

General Class Information

Instructor: Dr. Juhee Lee

Office: Baskin Engineering 359C
Office Hours: Monday 9:00-10:00am, Friday 1:30-2:30pm, or by appointment

Lectures:Tuesday, Thursday 02:00- 03:45pm, Classroom Unit 2

Required Text: Biostatistics for the Biological and Health Sciences, M. M. Triola and M. F. Triola, Pearson (2006).

Course Objectives:To introduce the basic ideas of probability and statistics with emphasis on applications to the
natural and social sciences and to everyday life.  While we will learn how to do some calculations by hand, the primary goal is understanding of concepts, including the ability to interpret results.  Topics are detailed in the schedule on back.


 Course Syllabus


Teaching Assistants (Email, Office Hours, Office):

  • Jing Cao (, Fri 10:00am--12:00pm, BE312C/D)
  • Brenton Blair (,Mon 1:00pm--3:00pm, BE312C/D)
  • Ariana Hedges (, Wed 11:00am--1:00pm, BE312C/D)
  • Devin Fracom (, Wed 2:00pm--4:00pm, BE312C/D)

Sections times:   

01A StatMthdsBio/Env/Hlth (Discussion) 21081 Tu 06:00PM-07:10PM Brenton Kresge Clrm 327          
01B StatMthdsBio/Env/Hlth (Discussion) 21082 Tu 07:30PM-08:40PM  Brenton Kresge Clrm 327          
01C StatMthdsBio/Env/Hlth (Discussion) 21083 Th 08:30AM-09:40AM  Jing Engineer 2 194          
01D StatMthdsBio/Env/Hlth (Discussion) 21084 We 08:00AM-09:10AM  Ariana Engineer 2 194          
01E StatMthdsBio/Env/Hlth (Discussion) 21085 We 09:30AM-10:40AM  Ariana Engineer 2 194          
01F StatMthdsBio/Env/Hlth (Discussion) 21086 Tu 08:00AM-09:10AM  Jing Engineer 2 192


MSI Schedule:

AMS7 has Modified Supplemental Instruction available. Here is the main MSI page.

Instructor: Marlet Andaya (

MSI Sections :  Begins from the week of Oct 13th

Monday 2--3:10pm (Crown 104)

Wednesday 3:30--4:40pm (ARCenter 221)

Thursday 4--5:15pm (ARC 116)



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Instructors and Assistants