Statistical Methods for the Biological, Environmental, and Health Sciences Laboratory

Welcome to the AMS 7L Website!

AMS 7L is the concurrent Lab course associated with AMS 7.  We will be working with the software known as JMP to apply and practice methods learned in AMS 7.  Class assignments and notifications will all be communicated via ecommons.  


If you are currently enrolled in this course, PLEASE be sure that you are able to log onto ecommons (requires cruz ID and Gold password).  To use the computing labs and to download JMP you will need to know you cruz ID and Blue password.  Be sure to square aware any log in problems NO LATER THAN the beginning of next week.  We look forward to working with all of you this upcoming quater! 


Computing lab hours and scheduling

Two times have been reserved for drop-in help for AMS 7L: Monday at 6pm and Tuesday at 9am in BE 109.  If you need to use the computing lab outside of the drop-in sessions see the below link for scheduling and hours of operation for campus labs.


Changes to Syllabus

A few updates were made regarding the structure of the course.  The syllabus has been updated to reflect these changes (available in the menu to the left as well as under "Course Tools" in eCommons), but essentially they are:

1) Online chat is no longer a communications tool.  The tool was rarely being used, and Sai and I felt our attention during online office hours (OH) was better directed in answering emails (we will still monitor the forum).

2) Sai is going to hold one in-person OH each week on Wed 6-7pm in BE 312, in place of her online OH Wed @7pm.  

SUMMARY of OH and Lab sessions:

Drop-in labs are still Mon 6-7:45pm and Tues 9-10:45  

My online OH's are still Tues 8-9pm and Wed 10-11am

Sai has online OH Tues 7-8pm and in person OH Wed 6-7pm in BE 312


The instructions for getting JMP on the campus PCs

JMP v10.0.1 64bit has been installed on all the PCs with no limit on concurrent user licenses (no limit on how many people can run JMP at the same time). JMP is installed at all our PC labs (

To run JMP on compus computing labs,

1) Click the Window icon in the lower left corner

2) Go to Computer

3) Click on Window (C:)

4) Double click Program Files

5) Double click SAS

6) Double click JMP

7) Double click 10

A JMP registration window will appear. You may wait to register.  A personlization window will pop up, and under options, you may uncheckTip of the Day, and under Initialize  Splash Window click on Home Window and choose JMP Starter instead.  Then click OK.

Temporary user data files can be saved to the Desktop, but permanent copies will need to be saved elsewhere. User's can save or copy files to their UCSC Home Directory which is mapped as "X:" on the PCs, or use a USB Flash Drive, or email.



How to download JMP onto your home computer

1) Go to the following website:

2) In the menu on the left side of the page, click on "Student Software"

3) Scroll down to find JMP (should e about the third one down)

4) Click on "show" to get download and support information

5) Select "JMP v10 for Windows" if you have a Windows operator. Select "JMP v10 for Max OSX 10.5.8 - 10.7" if you have a Mac OSX operator (note that 10.4 will not run JMP).

6) Enter your CruzID and Blue Password, and then click "Download"

7) Click the circle to select what you want to download (only one choice should appear), and then click on "Download" You can download the program wherever you would like on your computer (just be sure you know how to access it). If a setting options appears, you can just keep all the default settings. If you have any trouble, feel free to contact a lab instructor for help.

Instructors and Assistants