AMS80A, Winter 2012, Section 01: Evaluation

Exams: Most of your grade (90%) will be assessed from two midterms and one final exam.  The final exam is cumulative, but will focus mostly on the material covered after 02/28
  Midterm 1 - Th 02/07 during class hours (25%)
  Midterm 2 - Tu 03/01 during class hours (25%)
  Final - Tu 03/20 between 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm (40%)
 Homeworks:  Between four and five homeworks will be assigned.  These will not be graded, but at least 50% of the questions used in the exams will be taken from them.  Some solutions will be provided. Forum on this website will be setup for students to discuss among themselves and post questions.  The forum will be monitored by the TA, who will serve as moderator 
Movie summaries:  Students must turn in a one-page summary for each one of the five movies to be screened. These summaries are due by the beginning of the class following the movie screening, the deadlines have been posted in the course calendar.  The summaries must be not longer than 400 words long and contain a reference to events in the beginning, middle and end of the movie.  They are to be submitted electronically using the Assignments tool in eCommons.
 Extra-credit: A number of extra-credit assignments will be assigned as the course progresses. Please check the Announcements site often for updates.