BME140, Fall 2013, Section 01: Lab Write Up




This is an all-encompassing lab report. The report should be journal quality and must contain references to at least 2 peer-reviewed articles. Typical papers from peer-reviewed journals are presented with standard sections:

Abstract: Overall summary of your experiment. Report significant results and conclusions.

Introduction: Present the motivation and significance of the study. Outline similar experiments. Explain differences of this study to similar experiments.

Methods: Present all the variables used in your study. An outside researcher should be able to repeat your experiment and replicate your results given only this section.

Results: The results of your experiment should be presented clearly here.

Discussion: The implications of your results should be discussed in detail. Any conjectures, hypotheses, or ideas that aren't grounded in fact belong in this section. This is also the section where you discuss possible sources of errors and ways to improve future experiments of this type.

These sections are merely suggestions. You are free to organize your report in any way as long as the results are clear and easily interpretable. There will be multiple opportunities to revise your paper. Your final submission should be journal quality.