Biotechnology and Drug Development

Biotechnology and Drug Development                                                           Winter 2012

BME155 - BIOL179 - BME255 - CHEM255

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Course Description:
This course is for students interested in careers in the biopharmaceutical industry. The course focuses on recombinant DNA technology and the drug development process, including: discovery research, preclinical testing, clinical trials, and regulatory review, as well as manufacturing and production considerations. The course will be open to upper division and graduate students who have a background in basic molecular genetics and cell biology, and is intended for both science majors and non-science majors interested in health care, discovery research, and applied clinical research.

To provide an overview of recombinant DNA technology, the biopharmaceutical industry, the FDA and the drug development pathway.

Although the course is appropriate for students interested in M.D. and Ph.D. programs, it is also appropriate for students interested in biotechnology careers involving non-doctoral professional disciplines such as Engineering, Public Health (MPH), Biostatistics, Law and the Social Sciences

At the end of the course the students will be able to identify and describe:
• Basics of recombinant DNA technology
• Structure and organization of biopharmaceutical companies
• Major professional disciplines common to all drug development organizations
• Structure and organization of the FDA
• Key documents required for clinical testing and regulatory approval of new drugs
• Case histories in the development of vaccines and therapeutics for infectious diseases,
autoimmune diseases, and cancer

Instructor Research Interests:
• Development of vaccines to prevent STDs: HIV/AIDS
• Humanized antibodies and chimeric receptors to treat autoimmune disease and cancer
• Engineering of cell substrates (bacterial and mammalian) for commercial production of recombinant proteins


For Winter 2012, class will be held in PSB140 on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 2-3:45pm.

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