BME170: Frontiers in Drug Action and Discovery


Lecture and case-study formats will be used to explore principles and approaches in drug discovery and development, emphasizing concepts in pharmacology, medicinal chemistry and genomics- and bioinformatics-based approaches to drug discovery to illustrate pathways from discovery through development for clinical use. Also offered as METX 170. Students cannot receive credit for this course and course 270. Prerequisite(s): BIOL 100 or CHEM 103 or BIOC 100A, B, or C required. BIOL 110 and 135 recommended. GenEd code: SI - Scientific Inquiry. Enrollment restricted to juniors and seniors. P. Berman, M. Camps, T. Holman, R. Linington, D. Smith

5 Credits


Pending: Prerequisite(s): Biology 100; or Chemistry 108; or Biochemistry 100 A, or 100B, or 100C. Biology 110 and 130/L or 131/L are recommended. Enrollment restricted to juniors and seniors.

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