BME230, Winter 2015, Section 01: Assignments

Grades are based 75% on 3 homework assignments, 25% on an independent research project. Research project grades are based on a written abstract (3%), a ~10 page write-up of the methods and results (11%), and a 10 minute oral presentation (11%).

The 10 page written report and oral presentation describe the motivation, methods, and results of the final project. The document should look like a journal article in its format with well-defined title, abstract, introduction, methods, results, and discussion sections. Students should aim for 3-4 figures that convey the main ideas of the project. Students will also present their research findings in a 10 minute talk delivered during the scheduled final time slot for the course.

Graduate students who are already engaged in a research project can use that project as the basis to fulfill the written and oral requirements for this research project (i.e. they should *not* take on another research project in addition to their rotation work). Undergraduate students and masters students who do not have a research project already are strongly encouraged to discuss project ideas and to work closely with a faculty mentor.