Seminar on Bioinformatics & Bioengineering

The BME department seminar series will cover many topics, including genomics and proteomics. All of the speakers are researchers from various institutes/departments, and are listed below.


Hosted by Nader Pourmand


Thursdays from 12-1:45


Biomedical Sciences Building, Room 200


Refreshments provided!




Thursday January 8                Fernando Diaz, Salk Institute

Title: “Genome Plasticity, Stress and Cancer Evolution.”


Thursday January 15              Christopher Vollmers, UCSC/BME

Title:"Analyzing the adaptive immune system using immune repertoire sequencing."

 Thursday January 22           Ulrich Schlecht, Stanford University

Title:  "Multiplex assays for condition-dependent changes in protein-protein interactions"


Thursday January 29              Graduate Students Rotation Talks


Thursday February 5              Colin James Bell Harvey, Stanford University

Title:  "From Genomes to Natural Products:  Biosynthetic Engineering in an age of Big Data and Cheap DNA"


Thursday February 12            Jeroen Saeij, MIT

Title: "Susceptibility to infection: a complex interplay between host and parasite."



Thursday February 19            Bob Coffman 

Title:  "Harnessing Innate Immunity for Vaccination and Cancer Immunotherapy"


Thursday February 26            Russ Corbett, UC Berkeley


Thursday March 5       Ali Yanik, UCSC/EE

Title:  TBA


Thursday March 12     Shan X. Wang, Stanford University (TBF)

Title:  TBA


Instructors and Assistants