CMPE100, Spring 2011, Section 01: Lab Write-ups

Lab Write-ups

Your lab write-ups will be due about a week after the lab demo is due. The exact due dates will be listed on the schedule.

Your lab write-up should include:

  • Lab number, your name, date, and which section you attended.
  • A description of the purpose of the lab.
  • Methods: essentially what you did.
  • Results: anything you determined, any answers to questions posed in the lab assignment, any designs: include printouts of all schematics and any verilog code that is requested or that you wrote yourself.
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix: A xerox of all of the pages in your notebook with notes starting with the first page which was not part of the previous lab write-up.


  • Do not copy from the Lab assignment; you must use your own words in your lab write-up.
  • Label all Figures and Tables (e.g. Figure 19 or Table 254) and refer to them in your text.

Plagiarism is representing anothers' work as your own. This means anything which you do not create and submit without providing proper attribution.

Take a look at the attached sample 100L lab write-up to see a good lab report. Note that this is from a different offering and is missing the lab notebook copies which you must attach.


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