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Welcome to the Spring 2012 CMPE 100/L course web page. If you notice an errors or inconsistencies in the information, please report this ASAP. You are responsible for the EARLIEST deadline otherwise.


Mon/Wed 5pm-6:45pm, Physical Sciences 110


You should read the tutorials about how to program the boards in lab that are available HERE

Tues/Thurs, Baskin Engineering 104

Section 4 10am-11:45am (TA: Raj, Tutor1: Brian, Tutor2: Carol)

Section 1 12pm-1:45pm (TA: Raj, Tutor1: Carol, Tutor2: Brian)

Section 2 2pm-3:45pm (TA: Ian, Tutor1: Ben, Tutor2: Julian)

Section 3 4pm-5:45pm (TA: Ian, Tutor1: Julian, Tutor2: Ben)

Office Hours

You can always get help from TAs and tutors in your lab section, but in addition to this you can have these other hours. These are also times where you can demo any late labs. For other demo times, schedule with your TA.

Prof. Guthaus: Monday 12:30-1:30, Wednesday 3-4, E2-225 (possibly in lab too)

Raj: Wednesday 3-4, BE 104

Ian: Friday 4-5, BE 104

Instructors and Assistants