CMPE100, Spring 2012, Section 01: Lab Notebook

Lab Notebook

You must always bring your Engineering Notebook (quadrilled) to lab with you.
Keep it with you at all times so you won't forget it.

  • Every time you work on a lab (either in BE104 or at elsewhere) start a new page and write down the date and time.
  • No one other than you or the TA/Tutor/Instructor(see below) should write in your notebook.
  • All notes, anything you would have written down on a scratch piece of paper, anything you looked up on-line, any calculations, derivations, basically ANYTHING related to the lab, should be written in your lab notebook.
    Anything you need for your write-up should be written in the notebook.
    If you find yourself with notes, equations, tables or other material on other pieces of papers, then you're not doing this correctly.
  • All entries should be written in pen.
    Do not erase/white out or cover anything in the notebook.
    Anything incorrect should be indicated without obliterating the original.
  • When you complete a demonstration of a lab, the TA will sign and date your lab notebook.
  • When you submit your write-up for a lab, xerox all of the pages in your notebook with notes starting with the first page which was not part of the previous lab write-up.

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