CMPE100, Spring 2012, Section 01: Lab Policies

Lab Policies

Please read the lab policies below.

  1. No food nor drinks in the lab at any time! (This includes water.)
  2. No one without a key code should be in the lab.
  3. Do not let anyone into the lab: if they are supposed to be in the lab they will have a key code and can open the door themselves.
    If you need to talk to someone, respect your lab mates and go outside.
  4. Do not prop open the door to the lab.
  5. The printer in the lab is only for printing CE100 related material.
    Do not print out entire manuals when all you need is one page.
    If you absolutely need to print out something, you should paste it into your notebook.
    Do not print out lab assignments; they will be updated to fix mistakes and/or clarify things.
    The printer is not guaranteed to be operational, so do not wait until the last minute to print your assignments! This is your responsibility. Report printer problems to BELS.
  6. If it is abused, the printer will be removed and it will be necessary to use CATS printers.
  7. Coats and backpacks should not be placed on the benches; they can damage equipment.
  8. Vandalism (intentional damage) to any equipment will result in serious sanctions including dismissal from the University.

The first infraction of any of the rules above (except the last) will result in a caution (yellow card); the second infraction will result in expulsion from the lab (red card) for the remainder of the quarter.

Vandalism will result in immediate expulsion as well as other sanctions.

Since it is not possible to pass the course without completing the labs, expulsion from the lab will result in a non-passing grade.

Late Labs

See the syllabus for late lab penalties and grading policies.


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