CMPE118, Winter 2012, Section 01: Exams

Quizzes will be given out at least once a week at the beginning of class. These will be based entirely on the reading material that should have been completed before coming to class. Occasional homework assignments will be handed out or assigned during lecture to complete a series of short exercises. Cooperation and collaboration on the labs and homework is encouraged, but this is NOT licence to copy. The work you turn in should always be your own.


  1. Intake Quiz - 10/Jan/2012
  2. Quiz #1 -

There is only one exam in this class, and that is a take home midterm. It will be from xxx to xxx, and is due at 6PM. It is absolutely, positively forbidden to work with anyone else on the midterm. Repeat: no collaboration on the midterm. Not a little, not any at all.

  • Practice Midterm
  • Practice Midterm Solutions
  • Practice Midterm Datasheets