CMPE12, Fall 2011, Section 01: Course Information

textbook imgCourse Textbook

Introduction to Computing Systems, 2nd Edition, Patt and Patel, McGraw Hill, 2004. ISBN: 0-07-246750-9. REQUIRED

This book should be available at both the Bay Tree Bookstore and Slug Books.





Class Syllabus

Here is the official class syllabus, you should print this out for your records. If changes are made they will be posted to the class forum and announced in class.


Suitable programming experience is a prerequisite to CMPE12 and the associated lab. We will be using C as a reference language; familiarity with C or C-like languages is assumed.

Expected Course Schedule

Part 1: Introduction and Logic Design

  • Computing Systems and Abstraction (Ch 1)
  • Number Bases and Arithmetic (Ch 2.1)
  • Logic Functions and Gates (Ch 3)
  • Boolean Algebra and logic minimization (NITB)

Part 2: The LC-3 Computer System

  • LC-3 Architecture (Ch 4)
  • LC-3 Instruction Set Architecture (Ch 5)
  • LC-3 Machine Language Programming (Ch 6)
  • LC-3 Assembly Language Programming (Ch 7)
  • LC-3 Input and Output (Ch 8)
  • LC-3 TRAPS and subroutines (Ch 9)
  • LC-3 Stack (Ch 10)

Part 3: C programming

  • Fixed- and floating-point numbers and arithmetic (Ch 2.6-2.7)
  • Intro to the C programming language (Ch 11)
  • C variables (Ch 12)
  • C control structures (Ch 13)
  • C functions (Ch 14)
  • C pointers and arrays (Ch 15, 16)

Exams and Grading Policy

You must pass the lab to pass the class. That is, if you fail CMPE12L you will automatically fail CMPE12 (with a D grade).

You must pass the class to pass the lab. That is, if you fail CMPE12 you will automatically fail CMPE12L (with a D grade).

This is the class grade breakdown for the class is as follows:

  • Homework: 15% of the final grade
    • Late homework is not accepted, and will score -1.
  • 2 Midterms: 25% of the final grade each
  • Final: 35% of the final grade
  • Extra Credit: 5-10% obtained through class participation and possible quizzes

Other useful references