CMPE12, Fall 2011, Section 01: Lab


The due dates are by default listed below (unless changed by your specific TA for your section):

For all sections: The code/files and report turned into locker by Sunday 11:59:59pm.

We will check timestamps to determine if your assignment is on time.


MW 9-11PM BE109: In class check-off due by end of lab section on Wednesday.

TuThu 8-10PM BE109: In class check-off due by end of lab section on Thursday.

MF 9-11AM SCI135: In class check-off due by end of lab section on Friday.

MW 6 - 8PM SCI135: In class check-off due by end of lab section on Wednesday.


You are required to submit lab reports in addition to your lab assignments. The README is not the lab report. See Lab Write-Up Guidelines link for more detailed information.

The submit command is:

submit cmpe012-fjf.f11 labn_TA files... (note: cmpe"Zero""one""two")


submit cmpe012-fjf.f11 lab1_aimen PartA.lgi PartB.lgi Readme.txt LabReport1.(pdf or txt)

To submit the labs from the Baskin 109 computers or from home.
Make sure that the files are located in your home directory on the server, on the lab computers this is the "X" drive.  Say for instance I have on the X drive a folder called "ce12" and inside that is a folder titled "lab1".  Then you will do the following commands when logged into the Unix systems:  (please refer to Shelby's "Submitting Files From Home" post for more information about logging in from home and getting your files to the unix server from home.
Ok, so in Unix, after logging in, you'll type:

cd ce12/lab1

Or whatever path goes to your personal files.
Now what I will do is to use the "submit" command.  This command takes 3+ parameters.  The first is "cmpe012-fjf.f11" and is the class locker that will remain the same throughout the entire quarter.  The second parameter is the particular assignment you are trying to submit and will be one of the following options for lab1:





The labX part refers to which lab assignment you are submitting, while the -sj for instance refers to Section 1 which is run by SJ  If you were, for example, submitting lab 3 and you are in Aimen's section you would use "lab3_aimen" or for Chris' section, submitting lab 2 you would use "lab2_chris".
The third + parameter(s) are for you to list your files to submit.  Any files in the list will be submitted.  A piece of advice is to save only the files you are going to submit into that "ce12/lab1" directory, and that allows you to then use the wildcard "*" to submit all the files in the current directory.  So if I put that all together I'll get the following command:

submit cmpe012-fjf.f11 lab1_aimen *  (* = everything )

You'll then press enter, and you should get a confirmation printout of the files which were submitted.

Helpful Links

MML Download Download the Setup Kit. This will allow you to use the MML program at home

 Putty Download Puttty will allow you to SSH into the school's unix server. Alternatively you can use the same program SSH program found on the BE109/SocSci135 computers.

 FileZilla Download FileZilla will provide a GUI interface for you to see all the files in your unix directory

 Boolean Algebra Laws A very good reference for the next couple labs where reducing the logic is imperative.

Transistor Counter For Labs 1 and 2

2-input gateTransistors
OR 6
NOT 2 (1-input only)
XOR +/-14
Note: Number of transistors needed for each two-input gate. Additional inputs require 2 more transistors each, per gate. Credit: Tracy Larabee


No collaboration is allowed on project assignments. When permitted, collaboration must be acknowledged and may only be with students currently enrolled in CMPE 12. Failure to give credit when collaboration is allowed is a form of academic dishonesty. Collaboration is the discussion of the assignment and how to solve it, it is not discussion of how to code it.

Never share actual code with anybody.


Late Submissions

Late policy for Labs is:

  1. You must turn in a lab on the due date.
  2. If you have turned in the lab on the due date, you can resubmit for a higher grade for up to two labs. But only 1 week late. (for 80% of grade).
  3. If you have not turned in a lab on the due date it is 0 for the lab, not changable (unless there is a massive power outage or something).

For electronically-submitted assignments, we check submission time stamps to determine the penalty. No extra credit is awarded to late submissions.

Academic Honesty

Academic honesty is a requirement for the course. As mentioned, all assignments must be your own independent work. Similarly, cheating on a midterm or the final will result in failure in the course and lab and further damage to your academic career as appropriate.