Computer Systems and Assembly Language


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This class studies the basic components of computers and how to control them at a low level. We will study hardware and software components and become more comfortable with each. 



Who, what, and where:line drawing of larrabee

  • Instructor: Tracy Larrabee
    • Office: 337A E2
    • Phone: X9-3476
    • Office hours: Thursday, 11:00-12:00
  • Required reading:
    • Introduction to Computer Systems, Second Edition by Patt and Patel,which has a very useful website.
    • Webforum: We will be using the forum link to the left of this page.
    • CMPE012C Lab Manual.
    • HC11 manuals will be distributed mid-quarter.
  • Class meetings
    • lecture location: Jack Baskin AuditoriumAimen
    • lecture time: T Th 2:00-3:45pm







Make sure you keep up with the reading for the weekly quiz.

Make sure you keep up with the weekly Lab Assignments.

Be sure to download the simulator


The way the class works.

There are no required homework sets, but there will be a quiz every week. The problems on the suggested reading will prepare you for the quiz.  No makeup quizzes will be given.  Sure, everyone will miss a class or two, but you will have to hope that you don't miss enough to drag you down too much. No makeup quizzes will be allowed, but you get to drop the three lowest quiz scores (if you have a serious issue, we can talk, but make sure you have that it really is a serious issue and that you have any needed documentation. There will be one lab assignment a week: see your lab tutor and TA for more information. You will need to have passing quizzes, lab assignments, and final exam to pass the course. For those opting for a letter grade: the quizzes will count 40% of your grade, the labs 20%, and the final 40%.

Please feel free to tell either the professor or the TAs about any comments or suggestions you might have about how to improve the class. The best way to do this is by electronic mail.

I hate to talk about cheating, because I like to assume there will be none, but the board office says I must: If the TAs or I find conclusive evidence that you have cheated on a quiz, lab, or exam, you will be removed from the course and a letter will be written to your provost. Please note that the TAs run an automated code comparator and they will find it if you copy code from each other or from previous year's assignments.

You will have one lab to do a week. You will be given your lab assignment via the website, and you will have the next week to do the lab, and the lab report is due by midnight of the Sunday at the end of the week. The lab report's grade is reduced by 5% for every day it is late (either in submission or demonstration) down to 40% credit. Inadequate lab reports will be returned and must be resubmitted



Instructors and Assistants