CMPE13, Spring 2012, Section 01: Presenter Slides


Classroom Presenter Slide Decks

The class lectures use the digital ink capabilities of the TabletPC. The ink is saved back into the presentation, and the presentation is saved to the website for convenience. This year we are using Classroom Presenter rather than PowerPoint. It apprears to be far more stable, and has several nice utilities for the TabletPC. The presentation files are in the .CP3 format, and you will need to download Presenter to view them (download v3.1). Presenter can be downloaded free from here.

We've had some problems with Classroom Presenter, and have shifted to Ubiquitous Presenter as an alternate. The marked files are .CSD files (starting at Lecture 6), and the viewer can be downloaded from here. (Note that the class notes are still in CP3 format)

Class Notes