Technical Writing for Computer Engineers



This is a required course for UCSC CE and EE students.

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  • Instructor: Gerald B. Moulds
    • Office hours: Mondays and Wednesdays 3:00 -4:30pm (or by appointment)
    • Office Location: Engineering-2, Room 237A
    • e-mail:


  • Teaching Assistants: Janelle Yong and Steve Burt
    • Office Hours:
    • Janelle Yong: Wednesday 10:00-11:30am (or by appointment) in Engineering-2 Room #577
    • Steve Burt: Tuesday 6:00-7:30pm (or by appointment) in Baskin Engineering, Room 312C/D
    • Email: and
  • Class meetings
    • Location: Engineering-2 #192
    • Time: Mondays and Wednesdays 5:00pm-6:45pm


  • Assignments:



Rough Draft Due

Final Due

1. Resume and Cover Letter

Jan 11

Jan 18

2. Algorithm Description

Jan 25

Jan 30

3. IEEE Formatting Exercise


Feb 1

4. Article Database UI

Feb 8

Feb. 13

5. Project Proposal Memo


Feb 15

6. Previous Work Chapter

Feb 22

Feb 27

7. Document Specification


Feb 29

8. Poster Project


Mar 5 or 7

9. Final Project


Mar 20

10.Oral Presentations


Throughout Quarter




  • IEEE Formatting Exercise
    • You can download a .doc version of the text, or a plain text version.
    • Follow the instructions in brackets.
    • You are on your own to find the formatting rules.  Feel free to use a template if you find one.  Also, use the text editing or word processing tool of your choice.
    • You may collaborate with others, but each student must turn in his or her own printed copy.
    • In the Acknowledgements section, list anyone you collaborated with and the URL of any Templates you used.



  • Submitting papers:
    • All assignments must be submitted on paper.
  1. Electronic submission will not be allowed except through special arrangements.
  • All papers (except the Resume and Cover Letter assignment and the IEEE Formatting Exercise) should be double-spaced.
  • All papers must be peer edited before they are submitted.
  1. Papers should be signed "Peer edited by [insert name]"
  2. Any paper not peer edited may be returned ungraded.
  • Late papers are subject to a reduction in grade.
  1. Grade reduction applies to rewrites, affecting the maximum possible grade for the assignment.


  • Portfolios: At the end of the quarter, you will hand in a portfolio of all your work for the quarter, including rough drafts and any rewrites.


  • Grades: Grades will be mostly (~80%) based on the total portfolio of work you turn in at the end of the class.  This consists of five major writing projects (including your final project).  Failure to turn in a major writing project will most likely result in a failing grade.  To a lesser degree (~20%) your grade will be based on your oral presentation, poster project, various minor writing assignments, and your participation in class discussions.


  • Collaboration is good, and plagiarism is bad. Read more about it here.



On March 5 and 7, meet at the Jack Baskin Lounge in Baskin Engineering, otherwise known as the Whiteboards room.


Poster Information:

  • You can get your poster printed for $33-$83 (see below) at BELS if it meets the standard size of 48"x36"
    • The cost of your poster depends on how early you submit it.  Cost is $33 if submitted 5 business days before pickup, $83 for one-day turnaround, and a sliding scale in-between.   See the BELS page for details, and plan accordingly.
    • BELS has suggestions and requirements for making a good poster.  Go to their pages on poster printing and poster guidelines.
    • BELS also lists some excellent poster resources at Cornell and Swarthmore.


Poster Dates:

  • March 5:
    • Babukr    Abdo
      Block    Michael
      Burnette Jackson
      Cotten    Warren
      Crum    Malcom
      Deo    Darrel
      Hart    Sean
      Jujjavarapu Chethan
      Kolling    James
      Koyano    Kikuye
      Langan    Kyle
      Le    James
      Maalouf    Michelle
      Medina    Hector
      Moffet    Amy
      Moore    Thomas
      Parulkar Rahul
      Rocha-Roux Alexis
      Sharma    Divya
      Stern    Derek
      Thompson Joel
      Trinh    Phat
      Ye    William


  • March 7:
    • Chou    Au-Yun
      Duffner    Robert
      Erkander Jenny
      Escalante Luis
      Ginjpalli Meghana
      Gong    Benze
      Ighani    Farhad
      Karamchandani    Sidhant
      Kim    Seong Min
      Lowe    Alex
      Lum    Mark
      Lutz    Nicholas
      Luu    Tam Stephanie
      Morales    Jose
      Pierson    Nico
      Pister    Stark
      Plascencia Juan
      Rubin    Jeffrey
      Salamzade Rauf
      Selling    Christopher
      Tran    Binh
      Wang    Tenen
      Wong    Phillip


Oral Presentation Dates:

  • Jan 11
    • Hector Medina
    • Farhad Ighani
    • Mark Lum
  • Jan 18
    • Sean Hart
  • Jan 23
    • Jenny Erkander
    • Jackson Burnette
  • Jan 25
    • Jeff Rubin
    • Malcolm Crum
  • Jan 30
  • Feb 1
  • Feb 6
    • Stark Pister
    • Kyle Langan
    • Darrel Deo
  • Feb 8
    • Rauf Salamzade
    • Amy Moffet
    • Michelle Maalouf
    • Phillip Wong
  • Feb 13
    • Benze Gong
    • Robert Duffner
    • Chethan Jujjavarapu
  • Feb 15
    • Alex Rocha-Roux
    • Michael Block
    • James Le
    • Thomas Moore
    • Rauf Salanzade
  • Feb 22
    • Stephanie Luu
    • Meghana Ginjpalli
    • Abdo Babukr
    • William Ye
    • Alex Lowe
  • Feb 27
    • Derek Stern
    • Chris Selling
    • Kikuye Koyano
    • James Killing
    • Rahul Parulkar
    • Divya Sharma
  • Feb 29
    • Warren Cotten
    • Tenen Wang
    • Sidhant Karamchandani
    • Nico Pierson
    • Luis Escalante
  • Mar 12
    • Juan Carlos Plascencia
    • Jose Morales
    • Phat Trinh
    • Seong Min Kim
    • Joel Thompson
  • Mar 14


Instructors and Assistants