Technical Writing for Computer Engineers




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  • Instructor: Gerald B. Moulds
    • Office hours: Wednesdays 11:00am-1:00pm (or by appointment)
    • Office Location: Engineering-2, Room 237A
    • e-mail:
  • Teaching Assistant: Janelle Yong
  • Teaching Assistant: Benjamin Lacara
    • Office Hours: Thursdays 12:30-2:00pm Engineering-2 #301
    • Email:
  • Class meetings
    • Location: Engineering-2 #194
    • Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:00-5:45pm


  • Assignments:



Rough Draft Due

Final Due

1. Resume and Cover Letter

Jan 9

Jan 14

2. Grant Proposal

Jan 23

Jan 28

3. LaTeX Tutorial

Feb 6

Feb 11

4. Project Proposal


Feb 13

5. Background Chapter

Feb 20

Feb 25

6. Document Specification


Feb 27

7. Poster Project


Mar 4 and 6

8. Final Project

 Mar 11

Mar 18

9.Oral Presentations


Throughout Quarter

 Submitting papers:

    • All assignments must be submitted on paper.
  • Electronic submission will not be allowed except through special arrangements.
  • All papers must be peer edited before they are submitted.
    • Papers should be signed "Peer edited by [insert name]"
    • Any paper not peer edited will be returned ungraded.
  • Late papers are subject to a reduction in grade.
    • Grade reduction applies to rewrites, affecting the maximum possible grade for the assignment.
  • Portfolios: At the end of the quarter, you will hand in a portfolio of all your work for the quarter, including rough drafts and any rewrites.


Grades will be mostly (~80%) based on the total portfolio of work you turn in at the end of the class.  This consists of five major writing projects (including your final project).  Failure to turn in a major writing project will most likely result in a failing grade.  To a lesser degree (~20%) your grade will be based on your oral presentation, poster project, various minor writing assignments, and your participation in class discussions.

  • Collaboration is good, and plagiarism is bad. Read more about it here.



On March 4 and 6, meet at the Jack Baskin Lounge in Baskin Engineering, otherwise known as the Whiteboards room.


Poster Information:

  • You can get your poster printed for 33.00-83.00 (see below) at BELS if it meets the standard size of 48"x36"
    • The cost of your poster depends on how early you submit it.  Cost is 33.00 if submitted 5 business days before pickup and 83.00 for one-day turnaround, and a sliding scale in-between.   See the BELS page for details, and plan accordingly.
    • BELS has suggestions and requirements for making a good poster.  Go to their pages on poster printing and poster guidelines.
    • BELS also lists some excellent poster resources at Cornell and Swarthmore.


Poster Dates:

Mar 4

Azcona    Isabel
Barritt    John
Burton    Andrew
Cazarez    Angel
Chung    Jeffrey
Cozzi    Zachary
Draizen    Eli
Garifi    Kaitlyn
Guevara    Oscar
Helms    Kevin
Ibanez    Cory
Jesse    Kevin
Liu    Benson
Llamado    Ronald
Lohith    Akshar
McNutt    Kelly
Neira Barreto    Felipe
Pafford    Mary
Pan    Xikang
Reyes-Ortiz    Andrea
Robinson    Raquel
Salinas    Eloy
Tan    Michelle
Tran    Tuan
Zhang    Junyong

Mar 6

Alsabery    Adam
Biron    Matthew
Blaich    Justin
Burke    John-Michael
Genetti    Maximilian
Glassner    Cullen
Godoy    Paula
Hacking    Sean
Haslow    Michael
Hummel    Zachary
Maun    Jenny Anne
McMahon    Evan
Meimban    Beau
Norgeot    Beau
Okuma    Michael
Ortiz    Sergio
Paine    Charles
Reissman    Matt
Rene    Oliver
Rowley    Joseph
Salisbury    Donald
Toy    Philip
Villanueva    Jonathan
Zaw    Khant
Ziegenbalg    Erik


Oral Presentation Dates:

  • Jan 9
    • Godoy, Paula
  • Jan 14
    • Reissman, Matt
    • McNutt, Kelly
    • Barreto, Filipe
  • Jan 16
    • Haslow, Michael
    • Ortiz, Sergio
    • Rowley, Joe
  • Jan 21
    • Norgeot, Beau
    • Hacking, Sean
    • Barritt, John
    • Adam Alsabery
  • Jan 23
    • Jeffrey Chung
    • Jonathan Villaneuva
    • Andrea Reyes-Ortiz
    • Raquel Robinson
  • Jan 28
    • Pan, Xikang
    • Justin Blaich
    • Akshar Lohith
    • Cullen Glassner
  • Jan 30
    • Jesse, Kevin
    • Erik Zeigenbalg
    • Eloy Salinas
    • Max Genetti
  • Feb 4
    • Eli Draizen
    • Oscar Guevara
    • John-Michael Burke
    • Michelle Tan
  • Feb 6
    • Charles Paine
    • Beau Meimban
    • Andrew Burton
  • Feb 11
    • Jenny Maun
    • Junyong Zhang
    • Michael Okuma
    • Cory Ibanez
  • Feb 13
    • Benson Liu
  • Feb 18
    • Kaitlyn Garifi
    • Isabel Azcona
    • Ronald Llamado
    • Donald Salisbury
  • Feb 20
    • Mary Pafford
  • Feb 25
    • Khant Zain
    • Philip Toy
  • Feb 27
    • Evan McMahon
    • Zac Hummel
  • Mar 11
    •  Tuan Tran
  • Mar 13


Instructors and Assistants