CMPE200, Fall 2011, Section 01: CMPS/CMPE 200: Research and Teaching in Computer Science and Engineering

General Information

    • Instructors:
      Manfred Warmuth (manfred at
      Jose Renau (renau at
    • TA: Samuel Toepke (stoepke at
    • Location: Kresge 32
    • Time & Date: 4:00–5:45 pm Tuesdays


  • Grading:
    • Pass/Fail only
    • Must attend 8 out of 10 class sessions
    • Must satisfactorily all 3 assignments

Assignments (subject to change)

  1. Due Oct. 18: Put up a professional-looking webpage at  Put an index.html file in the directory .html in your home directory. You can be as fancy or as basic as you like.
  2. Due Nov. 1: Intro slide/Oral presentation
  3. Due Nov. 22: Write your CV or resume in LaTeX and link from your homepage


Class schedule

Sep 27 4:00 Administrivia, academic requirements, GSR expectations, funding options  
Oct 4 4:00 How to TA (grad student panel) Assigment 1 given out
Oct 11 4:00 SOE Computing (Josh Homan)
4:30 Graduate student panel (GSRs, housing,...)
Oct 18 TBA Assignment 1 due;Assignment 2 given out
Oct 25 TBA  
Nov 1 Student Presentations Assignment 2 due; Assignment 3 given out
Nov 8 TBA  
Nov 15 TBA  
Nov 22 TBA Assignment 3 due
Nov 29 TBA  

Additional topics (to be scheduled as time permits):

  • Lifecycle of a paper
  • Research process
  • Career development


Required Texts

Presentations from Class

Important people who can help you (these are just a few!)

Your Advisor (Check with Carol Mullane or Tracie Tucker if you don't know who this is.)
Hamad Sadjadpour x9-1483 E2 245B hamad@soe EE Graduate Director
Kevin Karplus x9-4250 Physical Sciences 318 karplus@soe BME Graduate Director
Cormac Flanagan x9-5375 E2 367 cormac@soe CS Graduate Director
Nicholas Brummell x9-2122 BE125 brummell@soe AMS Graduate Director
Alexandre Brandwajn x9-4023 E2 223 alexb@soe CE Graduate Director
Graduate office:
Tracie Tucker x9-5737 E2 298J ttucker@soe CS/AMS/TIM Graduate Assistant
Carol Mullane x9-2576 E2 298K mullane@soe CE/EE/Biomolecular Graduate Assistant
Sean Tai x9-3531 E2 298 seantai@soe SOE Graduate Program Assistant
Technical/administrative support:
Lynne Sheehan x9-3959 BE319 sheehan@soe Network administrator
Robin Crough x9-4539 E2 298 scheduler@soe Class Scheduler - To Schedule Review Sections for AMS/BME/CMPS
Carolyn Stevens x9-1396 E2 298 scheduler@soe Class Scheduler - To Schedule Review Sections for CMPE/EE/TIM

Information of interest to graduate students doing research:


Useful links:


Plagiarism Detection Tools

    • Great for comparing research pages or reports. Not so useful for code. For more information on how to set up an account, see instructional computing help page
    • MOSS: my code comparison tool of choice, works on C, C++, java, ML, lisp, scheme, pascal, ada, haskell, fortran, ascii, vhdl, html, perl, and matlab. You submit the files to their server and they email you a link to the results.


  • SIM: the default code comparison tool at UCSC. Richard Hughey maintains the program on SOE. Here is more information (accessible only from SOE machines).


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