CMPE230, Fall 2011, Section 01: Course Syllabus

UCSC Computer Engineering

CE 230: Computer Performance Evaluation

Fall 2011

Instructor: Alexandre Brandwajn   Phone: 831-459 4023  E-mail: 

Office hours: Engineering-2 223, Tuesday 12:30-1:30 pm and by appointment

Text book: a reading list will be distributed in class; a possible background text: R. Jain, The Art of Computer Systems Performance Analysis, Wiley 1991

Grade policy: student performance will be evaluated based on homework assignments (30%), article presentations (30 %), class participation (5 %), and project (35 %)



            Projected course outline

  • Introduction
  • Goals and applications of Performance Evaluation
  • Notion of model and types of models
  • Classes of solution methods
  • M/M/1 queue, state equations and solution
  • Other simple memoryless queues, state-dependent systems
  • Approaches to non-exponential systems, P-K formula for M/G/1 queue
  • Loss systems
  • Global and local balance
  • Central server model and applications
  • Jacksonian networks
  • Product-form solutions, local balance, numerical evaluation
  • State seen upon arrival, Mean Value Analysis
  • BCMP theorem
  • Discrete-event simulation
  • Example of simulation system
  • Validity of results and elements of output analysis
  • Independent replications, Batch Means, other methods
  • A simple approach
  • Application of conditional probabilities
  • Equivalence and decomposition, aggregation
  • Fixed-point iterative approaches
  • Partial state evaluation
  • Operational analysis
  • Bounds
  • Robustness of classes of models
  • Insight and examples
  • Elementary one-server models
  • Networks of queues
  • Simulation
  • Numerical methods
  • Selected approximation methods
  • Simple techniques
  • Model validation and robustness           

            The projected course outline is only an initial plan.  The actual number, order and extent of subjects covered may vary depending on a number of factors including, but not limited to, class progress. Cheating and dishonesty are not considered acceptable.