CMPE80N, Spring 2014, Section 01: CE80n Labs page

How to turn in Labs

You can bring paper copies of labs/homeworks to class on Thursday, or you can email a PDF to an email address.  Paper submissions will be marked and returned the following week.  Electronic submissions will not be marked for return (only graded).  I'll post the email address before the first lab is due.

LabsActivitiesDue Date
Lab 1
Lab 1 pdf, Key
Interactive binary/decimal/hexadecimal demonstrator
The Nyquist application used in question 5 may not run on your own laptop or desktop computer. If it gives you troubles, then go to one of the ITS Computer Labs on campus that has either Macs or Windows PCs. Check the links below for locations and hours. Be aware that this is not a programming class, and so I haven't signed up for dedicated Lab time for you. That means that you can use the Labs whenever class is not in session. During other classes, the TAs usually are accommodating and will let you use spare computers at almost any time.
How to run the Nyquist application on an ITS Mac
How to run the Nyquist application on an ITS Windows PC
ITS Computer Labs: Locations, Open Hours, Hours of Scheduled Classes.
April 10
Lab 2
Lab 2 pdfKey
Obtaining the MAC address of a computer (This doesn't work for your computer? Post on the forum).
XKCD on how to read a flowchart.
April 17
Lab 3 Lab 3 pdf, key April 24
Lab 4 Lab 4 pdf, key for exercises 1–3 May 1
Lab 5

Lab 5 pdf

Lab 5 KEY pdf

May 8
Lab 6
Lab 6 PDF, key
Packet Tracer Instructions PDF
May 15
Lab 7
Lab 7 PDF
Crossword Puzzle Study Guide #1 (Solution)
May 22
Lab 8
Lab 8 PDF
Interactive Cryptosystem Demonstrator
May 29