CMPM171, Winter 2015, Section 01: End of Quarter Submission

The end of the quarter also means the end of Sprint 4, and the completion of the First Playable Release for your game project. The following is a list of elements that must be completed by the end of the quarter for each team to qualify as being done for the quarter.

  • Working game prototype. Your team's game must be in a working state, capable of being played and demonstrated.
  • Meet First Playable requirements. Your team's game must meet the requirements expected of a First Playable game:
    • Player avatar behavior fully defined
    • Enemy/obstacle behavior fully defined
    • Basic technology complete
    • One or two levels in a near-final state, including near-final art, and near-final music
    • Artwork consistent with chosen art direction for the game
    • Music and sound effects consistent with audio direction for the game
  • Public game demonstration. A public presentation of your game at the end of the quarter.
  • Game website. Your game's website must meet the end-of-the quarter completion requirements.
  • Code and art assets under configuration control. All source code and art assets used in the First Playable Release should be stored (under the control of) the Git configuration management system, accessible via GitHub.
  • Sprint 5 report. While this is a normal part of completing Sprint 4, and is part of your Sprint 4 grade, it is repeated here to ensure this is completed.