CMPM171, Winter 2015, Section 01: Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap

At the end of each week, each person in the class writes a brief recap of their activities in the class for that week. This is a log of time spent on various class activities, as well as brief reflection on them. This is intended to be a short assignment, taking appx. 15 minutes to complete.

These weekly recaps are useful for several reasons. They help you to better understand how much time was spent on different activities. It helps your team to better understand what you have been doing, and which of your activities take longer than others. The recaps sometimes help identify problems, when a seemingly short activity is actually taking a long time. Finally, it helps the TAs and instructor for the class to better understand how long people are spending on various activities.

Recaps follow this format:

Time Summary

Summary of the number of hours spent working on course tasks during the week. Includes all time spent on the class (programming, meetings, going to class, art, and so on).

Report as list of:

(# of hours for task) Task name

Brief (1-2 sentence) description of task

Reflective Commentary

Two paragraphs of reflective commentary, typically structured as:

Highs for the week (positive things during the week)

Lows for the week (negative things during the week)

However, if there were no lows (or no highs), you are not required to manufacture them. You may just report on those reflections that make sense in that case.


Weekly recaps are posted in a thread on Piazza.