Introduction to Programming (Accelerated)

Course Overview 


Learn problem solving skills, computer programming principles, techniques, and methodologies with Java.Cultivate good programming practices.Master programming skills needed for later CS courses.


Eligibility to enroll in Math 19A (Math 2B or 3 or 40 or higher on mathematics placement exam) or,completion of Math 11A or 19A or Economics 11A or AMS 3 or 11A.Concurrent enrollment in 12L required.Familiarity with computers. Experience with text editors, mail, file transfer, and file structures would definitely get you going faster.If you are shaky in your preparation, you should consider taking CMPS010 first, or take the 2 quarter sequence CMPS 5J and CMPS 11instead..

Required Text:

  Java by Dissection, 2nd edition
Pohl and McDowell
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