Introduction to Data Structures

Lectures: TTh 10-1145AM  Oaks 105

Labs: (Lab opens 24 hours a day. TA will be there during the following hours)
        Mon 7-9Pm   BE 105 (TA: Rui Wang)
        Wed 7-9Pm   BE 105 (TA: Ken Hullett)
        TTH 8-10am   BE 105 (TA: Rui Wang)
        (follow up with shuttle to lecture, please leave early enough to go to class).
        Tuesday 4-7pm BE 105 (TA: Ken Hullett)

Instructor: Robert Levinson
Office Hours: W 2-4pm or after class or by appointment.

Office: 255 Engineering Building 2  (E2 255)
Phone number: 459-2087 (x92087 on campus)
E-mail: Use it!

Course Webpage:  
     (there is no web page for 12M).

Teaching Assistants:
     Rui Wang
     Ken Hullett

     Edward Kuang
     David Laone
     Shane Sims

MSI Tutor:
     Robert Segura

MSI Times:
     Mon 12:30-1:40pm Social Sciences II 363
     Wed 5-6pm Social Sciences II 165
     Thu 2-3:15pm Social Sciences II 171

     (CMPS12A or CMPS11) and concurrent enrollment in 12M or Instructor's permission.

     Data Structures and Algorithms in Java. Second Edition. Robert Lafore. 2003.
     Sams Publishing
     (or download free from:


*** Program code for example programs in text***
     Downloads at:


JAVA debugger jdb:


OPTIONAL TEXT: Unix in a Nutshell,
     Fourth Edition (Paperback) by Anthony Robbins WRITING CORRECT PROGRAMS  SHARPENS MY INTELLECT.


Commonly used UNIX commands:

Java Programming Resources:

Course Evaluation:

Category Weight # Description
Quizzes 30% 4 15-45min
Programming Homeworks 35% 5 HW1-HW5 (also for 12M)
Final 35% 1  

All quizes will weigh 25 percent and homeworks will be
weighed 25 percent  regardless of  their length.

Minimally,  a  score  of  less  than   50%  overall
in any of the 3 categories above disqualifies
one from even being considered to pass the course.

A will be 90.0 percent or above.  B will be 80   percent  or
above.  C, passing,  will be 70  percent or above.
These guidelines may or may  not  become more generous.

12M will be graded 70-80-90 as C-B-A based on your
programming homeworks only.

FINAL EXAM: Time and date: Thursday, June 14 at 8am.
The exam will be cumulative and  similar to the quizzes.


Homework Submission Instructions:






Instructors and Assistants