CMPS140, Winter 2012, Section 01: Homework

I. Introduction to AI and Lisp Programming

Read Chapters 1,2.1-2.3 in AI.
     and 2,3,5,6,9 in  the Lisp book (or you may learn Lisp some other way)

     HW1=   2.1, 2.3,2.4,2.5,2.6 (5 problems in all - due Thursday, January 26)
     P1 = Problems 2,3,4,5a,7 from:
    and Problems 1-4 from:
    and problems 1,3,4 from:
       (12 problems in all - due Thursday January 26  by Midnight.)

Submission Instructions

Please submit your homework from here on out in the course homework locker. This can be accomplished on any unix machine by typing:
submit cmps140-ral.w12 <assignment> <file(s)>.

For example, for P2 and HW2, you would submit your files like so:

submit cmps140-ral.w12 P2 agent.lisp monitor.lisp
submit cmps140-ral.w12 HW2 homework2.txt

If you need help getting your homework into txt format. Also note that P2 is distinct from p2. Use the upper case variant.

Besides using a consistent and reliable mechanism for submitting assignments, this also enables you to submit revisions simply by submitting the new version of the file. The latest version submitted before the deadline will be used.

II. Search and Heuristics

Read Chapters 3 and 4.1-4.3 in AI
    HW2: 3.4,3.8,3.9[CANCELLED], 3.14,3.21 ,4.1  (6 problems in all - due Thursday  Feb 9
    P2:  Project Phase II: Game monitors + simple agents  due Thursday  Feb. 9)

III. Knowledge Representation and Logic

     Read  Chapters 7.3-7.6 and 8.1-8.3   and 9.1-9.2 and 9.5 in AI
     HW3:  7.4,7.6, 7.8, 7.10, 8.2,8.3[CANCELLED],  8.6[CANCELLED], 8.8, 9.3, 9.4
                 (10 problems in all - due Thurs. Mar. 1)
     P3: Project Phase III: strategic agents (Due Thurs. Mar. 1)

IV. Machine Learning

      Read 19.1, 20.4,20.5 21.1-21.2  in AI
      HW4: 19.1, 19.4,  18.6,18.11, 18.12   (5 problems)
         +  Learning demo [CANCELLED]
         P4:  Project Phase IV   (due Friday. March 15 @ Midnight)
     : learning agents