CMPS140, Winter 2012, Section 01: Lecture 1

Bad: "Artficial Intelligence"
   Better: "Machine Intelligence"
   Best : Computational Intelligence"

  Def:  System = Parts + Relationship
 Holism: When a system is greater than the sum of its parts.
  example: automobile.
  Def:  Open System: takes inputs and outputs
        versus CLOSED system: everything stays inside

    Def. Intelligent System:
            What: Making good decisions in pursuit of goals
              under resource constraints.
            How:  Recognizing, creating and exploiting "order".

                                                       = organization
                                                        = structure
                                                        = relationships
                                                        = pattern = etc...

    *   although these two fields are related they should not be confused with
       one another:
       AI is a subfield of math, computer science which endeavors
       to make computation "smarter".

       Cognitive science is a subfield of psychology, linguistics,
       philosphy and others which attempts to understand how humans think.

       An "agent" can be viewed as a self-modifying  mathematical function.
           (enbedded in an "environment" which provides feedback).

       (defun my-agent (h s) '(1 R))