CMPS140, Winter 2012, Section 01: Lecture 3

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Topics for quiz:

Definition of intelligence
  what, how
artificial intelligence
rational agent
subareas of ai: PIKLS: perception, inference, knowledge representation,
search, learning
fully observabele, partially, unobservable
stochastic versus dynamic
discrete versus continuous
known or unknown ebvironment
simple reflex
model-based   internal model
goal-based   binary view of states
utility-based  more continuous scal

  Maximize Expected Utility   summation(pi*Ui)

knowledge: information that has been placed in memory
information: stuff that flows between systems
meta-level: beyond, one system above, one more degree of freedom

5 major subareas of AI: PIKLS
Retrieval/Perception: getting relevant stuff out of memory
Inference:  knowledge from knowledge
Knowledge Representation: how to represent knowledge in memory
Learning:  choosing what to put/keep into memory to improve performance
Search: systematically trying stuff

Lisp Core: If, Cons, First, Rest, Equal, Null

Lisp functions

(defun myreverse (l)
    (if (null l) l
        (append (myreverse (rest l)) (list (first l)))))

(defun union  (s1 s2)
   (if (null s1) s2
       (cons (first s1) (union (rest s1) (remove (first s1) s2 :test #'equal)))))