Machine Learning and Data Mining

Welcome to CMPS 142 Spring 2015.   This will be the main web page for the course.

Instructor: David Helmbold,, 345B in the E2 building.  My office hours are tentatively Tu-Th 12-1.

TA: Keshav Mathur, Office hours:

Day/ Time: Wednesday/ 5-6 pm | Location: BE 312C/D

Day/ Time: Friday/ 4-5 pm | Location: BE 312C/D


Lecture: Tu-Th 10-11:45 in E2 room 192.

Discussion sections

Sec   Class # Days Time   Location          
01A   62006 W 03:30PM-04:40PM   J Baskin Engr 169          
01B   62007 Th 06:00PM-07:10PM   J Baskin Engr 169          
01C   62008 Th 07:30PM-08:40PM   J Baskin Engr 169          

Textbook: I have not seen a published text for this course that I am happy with.  Our main resource will be Andrew Ng's on-line lecture notes from his Stanford Machine Learning class.  See:

Forum: Please use the forum here (see tab to the left) for questions/answers and discussions.  We will try to read it at least daily.

See the Handouts tab for the syllabus and other information as it becomes available.


Instructors and Assistants