CMPS143, Spring 2014, Section 01: Corpus Resources and Tools

Narrative Corpora for projects and homeworks


Aesop's Fables




IMSDB Corpus 

  • NLDS film corpus.
  • Description: Screen Plays from IMSDB web site, cleaned up with tools for processing. 
  • Size: Screen plays for over 800 films in a range of genres. 
  • Original website: IMSDb (cross-reference to IMDB).
  • Other movie resource(s): SimplyScripts


Web Blogs Personal Narratives

  • Collection of Personal Narratives used by Swanson & Gordon for "Say Anything". See also other related papers by Gordon et. al

A web page with links to the original blog posts can be found here.

A zip containing the links required for homework 1 can be found here.



Some papers that might be of interest.


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