CMPS160, Fall 2013, Section 01: Grading

The grading breakdown for the course is as follows:

  • 10% - Homework (all homework assignments are weighted equally)
  • 45% - Labs (the 4 labs are weighted equally)
  • 20% - Midterm
  • 25% - Final


There will be seven homework assignments due approximately weekly throughout the course. These will cover topics from the lectures and should help prepare you for the tests. Each homework will have about 5-10 problems, but you do not have to do them all. Credit for homework problems works on a 2-point scale: 0 points for no answer, 1 point for a reasonable attempt, and 2 points for a correct answer. Each of the 6 homework assignments will be graded out of a maximum score of 6 points (3 correct problems). This means that you get to choose which problems to do. No matter how many problems you attempt, only four will count towards your grade. This means that you can get 100% on a homework assignment with either three correct problems or two correct problems and two reasonable attempts (what counts as a reasonable attempt is the grader's judgement, but any reasonable attempt should include a proposed answer). You cannot, however, simply attempt 6 problems to score 6 points. If you attempt more than four problems, only the first four problems that you submit will be graded, unless you clearly indicate which four you want to count towards your grade.

Homework assignments will generally be assigned on Monday and due the following Monday. Due dates are posted on the class schedule. All homework must be submitted on paper during class. It is your responsibility to print and turn in the homework; electronic copies will not be accepted (this policy is designed to help manage the grading load). Late homework will be accepted during the Monday lab period from 10:00-11:00 AM in Social Sciences 1 135. Late homework will be graded with a 1-point late penalty, out of a maximum of 5/6 points. After the Monday lab period, no further late homework will be accepted.

Note that homework #6 is very different from homeworks #1-5 (it's more like a mini-lab). There is only one "problem" worth all 6 points, it is submitted via eCommons instead of in-class, and it will likely take longer to do than the other homeworks.


There are a total of four labs, each of which will be assigned 2 weeks before it is due. The labs are due at 5:00 PM the Friday after the week they are assigned (with the exception of lab 4, which is due at 5:00 PM on a Wednesday). Lab due dates and times are marked on the class schedule. For labs, a late turn-in on the day the lab is due (any submission after 5:00 PM that day) will result in a 10% grade reduction for that lab (you'll receive 90% of the points you would have gotten had you turned it in on-time). Any later submission (any submission after midnight on the due date) will be graded with a 50% grade reduction (you'll receive only 1/2 of the points you would have gotten for an on-time submission). No further submissions will be accepted after midnight on the day of the second class meeting after the lab is due (so for a lab due on a Friday, the final submission date is the following Wednesday, assuming there are no intervening holidays). You will not get any credit for a lab if you submit it after the final submission deadline. (Note that the final lab is due on the second-to-last day of class, and for that lab late submissions will only be accepted until midnight on Dec. 6th (the last day of class).)

Each lab has a rubric that specifies how points are earned, and each lab has 5 possible extra-credit points built in to the rubric. If you earn more than 100% on a lab, the extra credit will affect your combined lab score, but even if you earn extra credit on all four labs, you will not get more than the 45% of the total grade that labs are worth combined.


There will be one midterm and one final for this course. The midterm will be held in class on Monday, October 28th, and the final will be held during our class' final slot (8:00 AM Wednesday, December 11th). Combined, these make up 45% of the course grade. Example questions are available for the midterm, and before each test there will be an in-class review day.