CMPS164, Spring 2012, Section 01: Engine Review Writeup


How to Submit 

Submit a PDF file through moodle (moodle course ID : CMPS164_S12 )

Due Date : Friday 6th April at 8 PM.


In this homework you will review three engines, one from each of the following categories:


Commercial Open Source Middleware / Component / Frameworks
Unreal OGRE Havok (Physics and Behavior)
Unity Panda3D OpenSceneGraph
C4 Crystal Space Endorphin (by NaturalMotion)
Torque WildMagic XNA
Of your choice (by permission) Of your choice (by permission) Of your choice (by permission)

Your review should consist at least of the following sections for each of the engines :  

1) Title: Name, developers, cost to licence

2) Example games made from this engine (2 to 3 games, preferably from different genres if available)

3) History ( 1 or 2 paragraphs )

4) Your overall impression of the engine (1 paragraph)

5) Technical Features and your rating of each feature       

- General Features       

- Low-level Graphics (Lighting, Texturing, Shadows, etc.)

- highlight any cutting-edge stuff including techniques and optimizations       

- Scene Management (Scene Graph, Meshes, Levels, Terrains etc.)       

- Animation       

- Physics       

- Interaction      

 - Effects        

 - Artificial Intelligence     

 - Tools and Scripting     

 - Licencing support and community support  

6) Finally, your Conclusion should highlight the key differences and considerations for adopting these engines for your own project (for example, risks for certain genres) (1 page)  

7) References: List all forums, websites, blogs, articles, etc. that you refer to at the end in the references section engine database is a good place to start but you should also look at their website and community forums. Gamasutra has post-mortem articles on games that also talk about problems with engines and would be a good resource.  

Grading Scheme:
Total points 100

Sections 1 through 5 (25 points) for each engine (total 75)

Section 6 Conclusion (20 points)

Section 7 References (5 points)