CMPS164, Spring 2012, Section 01: UDK setup instructions

To set up the mutator through UDK follow these steps:

  First, download the example mutators that I uploaded [ LINK ]  


Some notation for folder names. Replace these with the ones on your local hard drive.  


<HOME> : C:\UDK\UDK-2011-04\

<Source>: <HOME>\Development\Src\

<Bin>     : <HOME>\Binaries\Win32\ <Game> :

<HOME>\UDKGame\ <Config>: <Game>\Config\  


** Create a Package **  

Step 1a: Create a new folder with your package name in <Source> folder

Step 1b: Create a folder under this package folder named 'Classes'. Create a dummy.uc file (make sure the extension is not .txt) in this folder.

Step 1c: When you refresh your package/class tree in WotGreal your package should show up in the Packages tab on the left.   

Step 1d: In the sample files you downloaded, there are folders for CMPS164 and PlayerTweak.

Copy both these folders in your <Source> folder.  


** Set up ini files **

There are three .ini files that need to be modified. These are all in the <Config> folder on your machine :

1. UDKEditor.ini     In this file, under [ModPackages] section, add the following lines at the end:    




2. UDKEngine.ini     This .ini file tells the game to load your compiled packages. In this look for the words 'EditPackages' and in the section where all the packages are listed, add the following at the bottom: ModEditpackages=CMPS164 ModEditpackages=PlayerTweak

3. UDKGame.ini     This will ensure your mutator shows up in the menu when you play.  

[PlayerTweakMutator UTUIDataProvider_Mutator]

FriendlyName=Player Tweak
Description=Change Player Statistics

a breakdown of what that means:

["Name of Mutator" UTUIDataProvider_Mutator]
ClassName="PackageName" . "Mutator Name"
FriendlyName= "Mutator name in game menu"
Description= ""description of mutator in game menu"

** Compiling **  

Edit your mutator from WotGreal.  

1. Go to command line ('cmd' from start menu)

2. Go to your <Bin> folder

3. type in the command 'udk make'

4. If you see a list of package names being compiled 



. . .




Then things are good. If you don't have any errors (red colored output), then you are ready to run.   enter "udk -useunpublished" from the command line and Unreal should run to show your mutator.    Try this with the PlayerTweak mutator that I have attached to the .rar file at the beginning of this tutorial. Change a few variables, recompile, and see if things change.  

** Running **

To use the modified gun from the CMPS164 package:

* Start the game (by pressing 'Fire')

* Press 'TAB' to bring up the console

* Type the following command: > GiveWeapon CMPS164.MyDefectiveShockRifle  

This will get you the weapon. On pressing the right mouse button (alternate fire) you will get the bouncing shock projectile that we made in class.