CMPS164, Spring 2014, Section 01: Unreal Mutator

For this lab you will be creating a weapon modification for UDK that modifies a weapon as well as its projectile (so 

this excludes modifying non-projectile weapons like the Enforcer) and puts it in the players’ default 



All mutators should be inside of a package named after your last name(for example, “jhala.u”). 



The assignment should be submitted on moodle in the locker as one .zip file with only “.zip” as 

extension. You should include a readme file detailing what each mutator does, at what resolution your 

configuration menus look the best, and anything else you think I should know. You should also include 

all necessary localization and configuration files. Your submission should be zipped and follow the 

folder structure below. I should be able to unzip it into my UTGame directory and have the files go into 

the appropriate folders. 

 /Development/Src 

o /jhala 

o Readme.txt 

o /Classes 

 ArnavsMutator.uc 

 CustomWeapon.uc 

 Whateverelse.uc 

Setting up WOTgreal for UDK (based on modifications from Mike Dominguez from NCSU and 

tutorial from ) 

1. Export the script files from the Unreal Editor 

1. Open the Unreal Editor 

2. Open the generic browser. 

3. Select the Actor classes tab. 

4. From the file menu, select "Export all scripts". This will export the scripts to /My 

Documents/My Games/UDK/UTGame/ExportedScript/ 

2. Install WOTgreal 

1. Download and run the newest WOTgreal installer (3.006 development build) from 

2. To run WOTgreal with UDK, you are going to need version 3.06, so you must 

download the development build, and extract the files into the WOTgreal 

installation directory, overwriting the old files. 

3. WOTgreal 3.06 has a setup wizard that automatically detects installed unreal 

games, except from Unreal Engine 3 games, so just skip through the wizard. 

3. Configure WOTgreal for the UT3 game type 

1. Go to Options -> Preferences, and then choose "game information" from the 


2. Hit the "Edit Game Types" and, press "Add". If Unreal Development Kit is already on the list, 

select it and press the edit button. 

3. Enter the following settings: 

1. Display Name (This is the name your game type configuration will be stored under) = UDK 

2. Game Exe Name (This is the same for all game types and mods) = UDK 

3. Default UCC Name (The compiler) = UDK.exe 

4. Menu Name = Same as Display Name 

5. Select UE3 under game architecture 

4. Go back to the "Game Information" window, and select the new/modified UDK 

game type. 

5. In the field, "UDK.exe file", browse to the location of the UDK executable : 


6. In the field, "Source Root Dir(s)", enter the directories where you have stored 

the UnrealScript files for your project, followed by a “;” and then the folder that 

contains the UDK script files (Example: 

“C:\Users\Arnav\Documents\My Games\UDK\UTGame\Src; 

C:\Users\Arnav\Documents\My Games\UDK\UTGame\ExportedScript”). This will build the class 

tree once you close the 

property window. 

4. Other notes 

1. After creating or adding source files, you need to go to UDK-> Refresh Package/Class Tree for 

them to appear in the sidebar.