CMPS164, Spring 2014, Section 01: Readings


Recommended Books

Game Engine Architecture, by Jason Gregory

Interactive Computer Graphics, by Edward Angel




[R0] Game Development - Harder than you think - Jonathan Blow

[R1 ]Game Engine Database

[R2] What is a game engine ?, article from

General Design

[R3] Game Engine Design [Part I][Part II]

[R4] Game Engine Subsystems

[R5] Enginuity articles from GameDev [Part I] [Part II][Part III][Part IV][Part V]

Software Design

[RX - 1] Game Object Structure: Inheritance vs Aggregation, Kyle Wilson's blog

[RX- 2] Bloom's talk on Oddworld engine design

[RX - 3] Example: Component-Based Entity Engine (Source)(Article -- pdf coming soon)

[RX - 4] Blog post: Simple component-based design

[RX - 5] Data-driven Object Model

Rendering Subsystem

[R6] Graphics Pipeline and Shaders

[R7] Scene Graphs, Eberly (Geometric Tools Engine), Past, Present, and Future article [Link]

[R8] OpenGL tutorials

[R9] Camera article

[R9-B] Event-Driven Camera Control -- Brian Hawkins (Gamasutra articles)

Collision and Physics

[R10] Collision Detection

[R11] Understanding PacMan Ghost AI

[R12] Handling Complexity in Halo 2 AI

[R13] Unreal AI Tutorial

[R14] Unreal Wiki: AI Resources

[R15] Physics Artifacts in Games

[R16] Intersection tests and PS3 broad phase collision optimization

[R17] Numerical Methods chapter from Eberly's book

Procedural Content Generation

[R18] Game Career Guide article on PCG [LINK]

[R19] PCG Wiki [LINK]

HUD Design

[R20] Gamasutra Article on HUDs [LINK]


Engine Support for Analytics

[R21] Telemetry supported Game Design [LINK]

[R22] Adding telemetry to Infinite Mario [LINK]