CMPS171, Winter 2012, Section 01: Gameplay Metrics

There are two main ways to collect information about how players interact with your game. One is to conduct live, in-person gameplay testing sessions, where it is possible to watch the players playing the game, and you can directly ask them questions. The other way is to automatically record information about how the player interacts with your game, and then make this available for later analysis. The kind of information this provides is statistical in nature. Both forms of information are useful. A significant advantage of automatic collection of metrics is that it is relatively inexpensive to collect this information, and the data collected is uniform, since it was measured and recorded in a consistent way.

Teams in CS 171 are required to instrument their games so that they automatically collect some amount of gameplay metric information. The purpose of the current assignment is for teams to describe what metrics they intend to collect, what gameplay questions these metrics will help answer, and how they will analyze the gameplay data. Once this assignment is complete, it is then possible for teams to proceed with implementation of the gameplay metric collection, and development of analysis software or techniques.