CMPS171, Winter 2012, Section 01: Gameplay Metrics Evaluation

The gameplay metrics description document will be evaluated in the following way. All points are out of 100.

  • (4 points) Heading present, and contains game name, team name, and date.
  • (32 points each) For each of the three required metrics, the required elements of the description for each metric must be present. The 32 points are broken down as follows:
    • (2 points) The metric name is present, and describes the given metric.
    • (4 points) The description of the metric provides an accurate description of the kind of data being collected.
    • (8 points) The description of the data collected is complete, and contains all of the data that would seem to be necessary to meet the goals of the metric. Descriptions of data items are sufficiently detailed that another person could potentially pick up the description and implement the metric collection.
    • (10 points) The analysis approach describes how the data will be analyzed and visualized. The description must make it clear what data is being aggregated together. Is this data from a single player, or multiple players?
    • (8 points) The playtest questions seem like they can be answered from the data being collected, and the analysis approach that is described.