CMPS171, Winter 2012, Section 01: Gameplay Metrics Template

For this assignment, each team needs to provide a description of the gameplay metrics they will automatically collect while their game is running. Teams are not required to collect a lot of metrics (though they may, if they wish), though a minimum of 3 metrics are required.

The document begins with a heading, that provides the game name, team name, and date.

For each gameplay metric, the gameplay metric description needs to provide:

  • Metric Name. What is the name you have given for this metric? Example: "Kill Stats" could be the name provided for where the player died in the game.
  • Metric Description. A description of what the metric measures. For example, the description of Kill Stats could be, "The time and location for each time the player dies."
  • Data Collected. A description of the exact data collected for each metric. The data description for Kill Stats could be, "Player - an identifier of the player playing the game (a random number generated for this playthrough). Level - the level where the player died. Location - the x, y, z location of the player when they died. Time - the time in seconds from the start of the level when the player died. Date - the date when the player was playing the game.
  • Analysis Approach. A description of how the collected data will be analyzed across all players in a playtest. For Kill Stats, this might be, "A heat map will be created for each level where hotter colors will indicate more player deaths in a given location of the level." Whereas most of the description so far has been focused on data collected from a single player in one play through of a game, this section typically describes how the metrics collected from all of the single player play-throughs (for multiple players) will be aggregated together to create data values (such as averages) and/or visualizations (charts made in Excel, heatmaps, etc.) that provide a picture of what has been going on across multiple playtest sessions.
  • Playtest Questions. A listing of some of the playtest questions this metric can help answer. For Kill Stats, this might be, "Provides insight on locations in levels that are difficult. Show where the levels are too difficult and too easy."