CMPS171, Winter 2013, Section 01: Grading

Grades for the class are based on the following weightings of class activities:

  • Sprint performance (individual): 51%
    This is broken down as follows (percentages are of final course grade, and sum to 51%)
    • Pre-sprint planning activities: 5%
      Individual performance developing user stories, participation in release planning meeting.
    • Sprint 1 performance: 13%
      Individual performance on tasks assigned during this sprint, as well as individual performance in sprint prioritization meeting, sprint planning meeting, and scrum meetings. Performance using web-based project reporting system.
    • Sprint 2 performance: 13%
    • Sprint 3 performance: 13%
    • Specialized team role performance: 7%
      Individual performance when acting as Scrum Master, Designer, Producer, Art/Audio Liaison.

  • Project objectives (team): 49%
    This is broken down as follows (percentages are of final course grade, and sum to 49%)
    • Pre-sprint planning performance: 5%
      Team performance on creation of user stories, assigning user stories to release
    • Sprint 1 performance: 8%
      Team performance on successfully implementing all of the user stories (features) assigned during this sprint.
    • Sprint 2 performance: 8%
    • Sprint 3 performance: 8%
    • Release performance: 20%
      Team performance on meeting the goals for the Winter quarter release.


In addition to the above, all teams are required to create a website for their game by the end of the quarter. This website is not graded, but failure to create this website will result in the class grade being withheld for all members of the team, and an Incomplete being assigned.

Each team is required to clean the lab for one or more weeks during the quarter, and failure to perform cleaning duties will reduce a team's sprint performance grade.

You cannot pass if you are fired by your team (2/3 or more of 171-enrolled members vote to fire) and without a team for more than two weeks at the end of the quarter.

Note that the professor reserves the right to assign grades higher or lower than this formula would indicate, based on his judgment of course performance.