CMPS171, Winter 2013, Section 01: Lectures

Class lectures are based on the following lecture notes. Unless otherwise noted, all materials on this page are covered by the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. Some lectures share slides from third party slide decks, as noted in the individual deck.

Jan. 7

[PDF] [PPT] Course overview, Scrum release and sprint planning review. UML structure diagrams.

Jan. 14

[PDF] [PPT] UML sequence diagrams.

Jan. 16

[PDF] [PPT] Creating effective teams. Team jelling. Teamicide.

Jan. 18

[PDF] [PPT] Bad apple behavior on teams.

Jan. 23

[PDF] [PPT] Game user research in industry.

Jan. 25

[PDF] [PPT] Gameplay testing. Gameplay metrics.

Jan. 28

[PDF] [PPT] Introduction to testing. Boundary value testing. Equivalence classes.

Jan. 30

[PDF] [PPT] Computer game error taxonomy. (See original research article).

Feb. 1

[PDF] [PPT] Decision table testing. Random value testing. Test oracles.

Feb. 8

[PDF] [PPT] Fine tuning game controls. Attack-sustain-decay curves.

Feb. 11

[PDF] [PPT] Reflecting on Sprint 1 reports

Feb. 13

[PDF] [PPT] Art Direction. Making Game Worlds Feel Alive.

Feb. 15

[PDF] [PPT] Independent Games Festival. IndieCade.

Feb. 20

[PDF] [PPT] Personal Branding.

Feb. 25

[PDF] [PPT] Introduction to Typography

Feb. 27

[PDF] [PPT] IP Issues

Mar. 1

[PDF] [PPT] Journey Postmortem

Mar. 4

[PDF] [PPT] Genre-specific level design analysis

Mar. 6

[PDF] [PPT] End of quarter planning.