CMPS171, Winter 2013, Section 01: Playtest Plan Template

The project playtest plan is a short, 1-2 page document that must answer the following questions.

  • Who will conduct tests and write the playtest report?
    • You should have at least 1-2 people on your team for whom this is a major task during the upcoming sprints. It is OK for this role to shift over time.

  • How will you recruit testers?
    • Just sending out emails isn’t likely to get a lot of responses
    • Need to personally recruit friends, friends of friends, put up flyers, etc. This is a whole team effort

  • When/Where will you conduct playtests?
    • What day of the week will you conduct playtests? If in the lab, where, exactly?

  • Do you have any special equipment needs for conducting playtests?

  • What specific gameplay issues do you want to focus on in the first few weeks of playtesting?

  • A description of what data you would like to collect (this flows from the gameplay issues you would like to answer), and how you intend to do it. If there is any interviewing, the questions should not be leading questions. If you are asking specific things, such as "Do you like A or B more?" how will you show players both options?

  • What is your basic procedure (step-by-step)? Will you do a questionnaire before, after or both? Will you talk to the player while he/she plays
  • What will be on-screen? Will you show a tutorial? How many objects will you show? How will you ensure the player isn't overwhelmed (giving you bad data)? How will you make sure that you show enough to get coverage for the data you need to collect?