CMPS171, Winter 2013, Section 01: Final Project Submission

The end of the quarter also means the end of Sprint 3, and the completion of the Alpha Release (release #1) for your game project. The following is a list of elements that must be completed by the end of the quarter for each team to qualify as being done for the quarter.

  • Working game prototype. Your team's game must be in a working state, capable of being demonstrated.
  • Public game demonstration. A public presentation of your game at the end of Release 1.
  • Game website. Your game's website must meet the end-of-the quarter completion requirements.
  • Code and art assets under configuration control. All source code and art assets used in Release 1 should be stored (under the control of) a configuration management system, such as Git, SVN, etc.
  • Sprint 3 report. While this is a normal part of completing Sprint 3, and is part of your Sprint 3 grade, it is repeated here to ensure this is completed.
  • Final playtest report. The Week 10 playtest report must be completed. This is a normal activity for Sprint 3, and is repeated here to ensure this is completed.