CMPS171, Winter 2013, Section 01: Sprint Plan Evaluation

A sprint plan will be assigned 100 points, which are assigned as follows:

  • (5 points) Document heading section present and complete
  • (5 points) Sprint goal is present, and provides a description of high-level goals that is consistent with the user stories and tasks assigned during the sprint
  • (40 points) User stories are listed in priority order. Each user story has one or more associated tasks. Each task has an associated time estimate, in ideal work hours. Time estimates seem reasonable (points will only be removed for wildly inaccurate or inconsistent time estimates; good faith estimates that are wrong will not be penalized). Each user story has a sum total for all associated tasks. The decomposition of user stories into tasks seems complete, and is not missing obvious items. Are required sprint tasks present? The list of required sprint tasks comes from the release plan.
  • (10 points) Assignment of team roles. Each team member is assigned to at least one role. Required roles (Scrum Master, Designer/Product Owner) are assigned. Specialized roles for this sprint are assigned.
  • (10 points) Assignment of initial user stories and tasks. Each team member is assigned to at least one user story and task.
  • (10 points) Initial burndown chart, with photographic evidence. The team has posted an initial burndown chart that is consistent with the overall time estimates.
  • (10 points) Creation of initial scrum board, with photographic evidence. A scrum board exists in the game lab. This scrum board is populated with the set of user stories and tasks for the first sprint. The initially assigned tasks are in the in-progress column. The scrum board has the four required columns (user stories, tasks not started, tasks in progress, and tasks completed.) The tasks associated with a user story are in the same row as the user story.
  • (5 points) Does the plan provide three days and times during each week when the team will conduct a Scrum? Does the plan indicate which one will have the TA present?
  • (10 points) If the release plan is changed as a result of sprint planning (e.g., due to moving a user story to a later sprint), the updated release plan document must also be submitted.