CMPS171, Winter 2013, Section 01: Team Status Evalution

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Weekly team status reporting is part of your individual performance grade for each Sprint. Your status reports are evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Stars: Is a star rating present in each status evaluation? Does the number of stars seem to correlate with the rest of the text in the status? If the stars rating is high, yet one team member has an improvement item that mentions they should be doing their fair share of the work, this seems inconsistent.

  • Like and Improve items: Are these categories present? Do they contain text that is descriptive of each person? Note that cut-and-paste of the same text for each person will result in a loss of points, as this indicates a lack of thought concerning each person's achievement over the past week. If the "improve" field has no improvements, does the "like" category list some behavior that was liked?

    ScrumMaster only:

  • Performance assessment: Does this field contain an assessment of the weekly performance of the team member? Is this assessment consistent with the tasks completed and points fields? Does this field contain an explanation of exceptionally good and poor performance?

In general, the overall goal of assessment is to provide feedback on the utility of the status report information. As a result, there may be factors beyond those listed above that affect overall utility.